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From H853 to Contemporary Art

Humarish Club, an international arts gallery based in Macau, launched its official Opening Ceremony, this Christmas on 25th December, together with the annual exhibition "The Journey Begins: From H853 to Contemporary Art", a Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Artists Including Zhou Chunya, Ding Yi, Xue Song, Zheng Zaidong and Li Qiang. Esteemed guests from the community and participating artists, together with Dr. Connie Kong and Mr. Hua Yuzhou, founders of Humarish Club joined us at the Opening of this remarkable event. Humarish Club is committed to presenting the works of the most influential Chinese artists to audiences in Macau, exchanging with the local art of Macau, and helping it become an important artwork trading center around the world.
Culture of a city connects deeply with its nourishment of art! Since the establishment as a commercial port 400 years ago, Macau has created a unique culture that witnesses the collision and integration of both Chinese and Western elements. Along the streets in Macau, there are a mixture of Southern European architecture with exotic charm and elegantly classic Chinese architecture like St. Paul's Cathedral in Baroco style, Gothic Western Cemetery, Traditional Chinese A-Má Temple with overhanging eaves as well as the Lin Fong Temple that has an ancient bell and stone lions built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. 
The exhibition "The Journey Begins: From H853 to Contemporary Art" rallies the most representative contemporary Chinese artists Zhou Chunya, Ding Yi, Xue Song, Zheng Zaidong and Li Qiang of their pieces for public to enjoy and to integrate with different local art and cultures so as to pathing as a world-class platform for cultural and artistic exchanges in Macau.
Exhibition Details
Date and Time: 25th December 2021 (Saturday) 16:00
Period and Hours: 26th December 2021 to 20th February 2022 (Monday to Sunday) 12:00-20:00
Venue: Humarish Club (R82-R83, H853 Shopping Mall at Lisboeta Macau)
Admission: Free admission for general public
For more details regarding "The Journey Begins: From H853 to Contemporary Art", please visit the official website:
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Organiser:Humarish Club
Inquiry:(853) 6299 2695
Start Time of Event:25/12/2021
End Time of Event:20/02/2022