Current Activities

Diploma in Fashion Design & Manufacture


The aim is to train the local fashion designers and to strengthen the fashion design sense of the local garment industry. Therefore, it is a very suitable course for individuals who are intending to establish their fashion brands.

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Organiser:The Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre
Venue of Event:House of Apparel Technology: Rua dos Pescadores, Ed. Industrial Ocean, Fase II, 10 andar Macau
Date of Application:From now to 07/03/2022
Venue of Application:1) CPTTM Head Office: Rua de Xangai 175, Ed. ACM., 6-7 andar Macau
2) CPTTM House of Apparel Technology : Rua dos pescadores, Ed. Industrial Ocean, II Fase, 10-Andar Macau
3) Cyber-Lab : Rua comandante mata oliveira Ed. Associao industrial, 3-andar Macau
Inquiry:(853) 8898 0701
Start Time of Event:07/03/2022
End Time of Event:08/09/2022