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"2021 Brand Story – Macao Original Fashion Exhibition IV " and "2021 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom"


Combining and integrating traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation into apparel and accessories, Loom by Common Comma, a diffusion line of Common, brings charm to the fullest. In “2021 Brand Story – Macao Original Fashion Exhibition”, the Macao Fashion Gallery will unveil the mystery of this womenswear brand.

The exhibition will be held at the Macao Fashion Gallery from 10 June to 18 July. Designer Carmen Leng believes that fashion design is like a dialogue, an epitome. From the basic lines and curves, silhouettes, cuttings, to the textures and colours of the fabrics selected, people can get a deeper understanding of the story behind the brand through this exhibition. In addition, a sales space entitled “2021 Exclusive Fashion Collections – Showroom” is available, bringing together apparel and accessories from 34 local original brands. The public is welcome to visit and purchase their favourite products.

Organiser:Instituto Cultural do Governo da R.A.E. de Macau, Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre
Descriptions of the Date of Event:"2021 Brand Story – Macao Original Fashion Exhibition IV" : 2021/06/10-2021/07/18 
"2021 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom": 2021/01/30-2021/12/31
Time of Event:10am - 8pm (closed on Mondays, open on public holidays)
Venue of Event:Macao Fashion Gallery (Rua de S. Roque, No. 47, Macao)
Inquiry:(853) 2835 3341 (during office hours)

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Current Activities