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Art Power Jamming – Rejuventation “Live for death - Works by Tracy Wong”


Ark-Association of Macau Art (the “AAMA”) exclusively presents Art Power Jamming – Rejuventation “Live for Death - Works by Tracy Wong”. The exhibition is sponsored by Macao Foundation, organized by Ark-Association of Macau Art and CCLOVETHINK, supported by Café Voyage and Graceart Design Studio.


Exhibition Concept

The ancient meaning of rebirth implies two meanings – resurrection from death; or the birth of a new life. Recently, I watched a short clip on a website featuring "The Staunch Crab ". Although it was seriously injured with ten legs were broken, its vitality astonished me.

Rebirth is to obtain new vitality. Crabs have the ability to regenerate their limbs. When a crab encounters danger, its instinct will cause some meristematic cells to divide, differentiate, grow and gradually generate new limbs.
What is the meaning of existence that we have been searching for throughout our lives? How did it appear?

If life has a time limit, will the meaning of survival be different? In the busy working life, people seem to forget the meaning of their existence, leading the same lifestyle at the same time at the same stage. We all hope that we can bring good things to the world during our survival, and we need experience to grow up during the evolution from infant to old age.

“Live for Death” is appealing for Martin Heidegger. "People should live in the world as a dying passer-by and cherish it instead of manipulating the earth. There are many choices to live, and perhaps a choice has changed the trajectory of life.”

“Live for Death” reflects Heidegger's evaluation of this society, "As long as a person is still alive, he will live towards the direction of death. The life of this being runs through the entire process of death, which is a form of existence that precedes death. In this process of dying, people can truly feel the strong sense of self-existence, and they are present ahead of death.”

Proposed by: Martin Heidegger From: "Being and Time"


About Artist: Tracy Wong

Tracy is currently the president of Oh My Hand Macau, project supervisor of Binshu Studio, illustrator of Thirty-seven Degrees, as well as founder of CCLOVETHINK. She is fully dedicated in culture, art and handicraft education, and is keen to record her daily occurrence and lifestyle through illustration, needle pen, handicraft, graphic design and printmaking After studying graphic design in secondary school, she obtained her professional qualification by enrolling in the Printmaking and Art Administration Certificate Programme under the major of Visual Arts in Macau Polytechnic Institute. Throughout these years, she has involved in numerous artistic creations, including handicraft, art, printmaking, sketching, seal cutting, as well as participating in different collective exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macau, not limited to the Hong Kong Touch Art Festival.


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Organiser:Ark - Association of Macau Art, CCLOVETHINK
Co-organiser:Graceart Design Studio, Café Voyage
Time of Event:12:00 - 22:00
Venue of Event:Rua Do Padre Antonio Roliz No.31-A Edf. Pou Mei On R/C, Macau
Inquiry:Tracy Wong – Artist (853) 6686 4091; Ms. Wong – Chairman (853) 6234 4344; Mr. Leong – President (853) 6667 6080
Start Time of Event:07/08/2021
End Time of Event:12/09/2021
Sponsor(s):Macao Foundation