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"Light Vision" - Group Exhibition of Emerging Japanese Artists

Emerging Japanese Artists Debut in Macau
Light, symbolizes renewal and hope for the future! “Light Vision”, the group exhibition that brings together artworks of nine young artists who are contributing to the great dynamism of the Japanese contemporary art scene. Making their debut exhibition in Macau, with the breakthrough concept in taking light as a medium, overlapping through layers of space, color and light, to explore infinite possibilities of light and nature, life, as well as the future of mankind. The artworks lead audience to ponder upon relationship between multiple contexts such as society and human beings, virtual and reality, technology and scientific development, as well as to appreciate art in the torrent of development of times, through changes, disappearance, reproduction and regeneration of all things in nature. The exhibiting artworks aim to integrate with different local art and cultures so as to pathing as a world-class platform for cultural and artistic exchanges in Macau. A total of 38 pieces of artworks showcase throughout the exhibition, aiming to bring the most futuristic and international trends of art to Macau.
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Artists Lineup:
 Kito Kengo
Born in 1977, Aichi, Professor of postgraduate course at Kyoto University of the Arts. After
graduated from the Department of Oil Painting at Nagoya University of the Arts in 2001, Kito completed his postgraduate studies of oil painting at Kyoto City University of Arts in 2003. He is one of Japan’s most innovative contemporary artists, repurposing everyday objects and connecting modern materials with ideas rooted in traditional Japanese philosophy, culture and art.
 Azuma Shinya
Born in 1994, Osaka, graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts. Azuma Shinya makes sketch of images inspired from watching the news or sceneries in daily life through his experience, and remakes it on canvas with bold brush strokes. Azuma’s simple paintings with peculiar color usage and dynamic texture of the medium have quirkiness somehow, and vigour which stops us to see the picture. However, each subject in the paintings derives from some well-timed serious issues such as the wealth inequality or protests all over the world. Like memes on the social media, the distinctive type of humour which can be both of the satire and the self-deprecating sarcasm is one of the attractions on his works.
 Imanishi Shinya
Born in 1990, Nara, graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts. Imanishi Shinya creates his paintings by skillfully overlaying layers of oil paints, and repeatedly scraping them off while leaving the traces of the brush strokes. While the details of the materials come to the fore when looking at them at close range, images of degeneration and demise emerge into view once the viewer takes some distance. At the same time, these images also evoke themes of regeneration and new beginnings, and express the fact that life and death are always inextricably linked together. They present the ambiguity and uncertainty of the facts and events about which we share a common understanding, while exploring the relationship between material and image, as well as between viewpoint and distance.
 Fujimoto Atsuki
Born in 1997, Mie Prefecture, graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts in oil painting. Instead of using ordinary oil painting canvas, Fujimoto Atsuki uses linen and cotton cloth dyed by himself. The type of cloth used is changed according to the image of the motif to be drawn. The abstract image created by converting the features such as form and color of the motif into paint and drawing each stroke repeatedly eliminates the features that arise from the form and color, and the viewer uses the information that remains on the screen as a clue. Wandering in search of the actual situation, thinking about the drawn image.
 Matsuda Hal
Born in 1998, Matsuda is an artist who chooses reproduction media as the main expression medium and creates works that combine prints with VR (Virtual Reality). He sees the formation of reproduction art as the process of melting various binary oppositions such as "truth and fiction" and "reality and virtual", and all the binary oppositions have melted due to the advent of the Internet. He thinks they are gaining new abstraction. And that new abstraction is called "VA" (Virtual Abstraction).
 Miura Koga
Born in 1997, Tokyo. Miura Koga expresses his creative passion for art making with 2-dimensional powerful works that captivate viewers in the quest of purity. He creates artwork by the theme of accidental randomness; the frontier between manual and mechanical work, and artistic conception. Creating artworks following instructions from random numbers eliminates the hesitation that occurs in the art making process and procures works with unconscious purity.
 Mimura Saya
Born in 1997, Mie Prefecture. By saving the trifles and routines in everyday life in drawings and photos, and by substituting them for silkscreen and painting, “instants” are captured on screen. The work has a feeling of floating like a daydream, sophisticated lines, and soft colors.
 Yamanaka Yukino
Born in 1999, Nagano, Yamanaka Yukino’s artwork is intended to question the relationship between others and the self and to explore the reality of existence, portraying the false sense of reality that exists. Her artwork typically begins with interviewing and photographing girls of the same age, before pouring interviewer's emotion onto the canvas. The fragile yet strong of these women is expressed in this moment, and through the female body to expresses their lives.
 Yamamoto Yuki
Born in 1981, Obihiro, graduated from Hokkaido University of Education. Yamamoto Yuki’s works feature interlaced circles in multiple transparent layers. Through his paintings, Yamamoto reflects upon the oppositional relationships between objects by varying the thickness of layers and the illusionary space of the paintings, as well as the intersections of colored and hollowed circles.
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Time of Event:Monday to Sunday, 12:00 - 20:00
Venue of Event:H853 Art Space (R. da Patinagem, No. 128, Lisboeta Macau H853 Fun Factory, Unit No. R66-R67, Cotai , Macau)
Inquiry:(853) 6299 2695
Fee: Free admission
Start Time of Event:12/03/2022
End Time of Event:10/04/2022