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Ark-Association of Macau Art: Embrace the Rainbow – “An Emotional Outlook” Exhibition (U Weng Kam, Cheong Un Mei)


Introduction (by U Weng Kam)

Rainbow is a constant object on Earth, whether there are humans or not. The animals and plants on Earth would live and exist, sharing the Earth's resources harmoniously, continuously. Perhaps rainbows are meaningless to them, it’s just an astronomical phenomenon. Would rainbows be “rainbows” without the appreciation and affection of humans?

It is precisely because we human beings have feelings, memories and thoughts. Therefore, the meaning and value of existence of rainbow was obtained.

Whether the epidemic exists or not. All of us would ask ourselves every day in our society what's the point of our existence? Why do I need to work hard? What does my hard work mean? Why growing up is more boring? Asking these questions every day, resulting with a bigger confusion, even forgetting the feeling of the beginning, and its meaning to my own self.

Do you still remember how to make yourself fundamentally delighted in today's social environment? Often the most trivial objects and the most innocent memories are the very meaning and purpose of existence.

Introduction (by Cheong Un Mei)

Embracing the rainbow has certain meaning of embracing hope, miracles and illusions, as well as an open mind to accept uncertainty and beauty. It also looks like it is cheering up all those who are experiencing the Covid-19 Epidemic, and those whose future are being affected by the Epidemic, reminding us to have hope and positive actions. You can also find bliss of happiness in the storms, and your sense of gratitude will eventually lead you to a beautiful scenario.

Like a rainbow, it is rare so it is precious. Like many other common things in the world, we are getting too used to them then we would take them for granted; If we return to being a child or the first encounter, maybe we would have felt touched or excited for everything in the world?

Exhibition details:

Name: Embrace the Rainbow –“An Emotional Outlook”
Date: 14th August to 28th September, 2022
Artist: U Weng Kam, Cheong Un Mei
Medium: Oil Painting, Composite media
Admission: Free
Address: 10 Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro, Macao
Opening Hours: 11:00-18:00 (closed on Mondays)

Organiser:Ark - Association of Macau Art
Co-organiser:Creative Industries Promotion Association of St. Lazarus Church District, 10 Fantasia
Inquiry:Pamela Chan: (853) 6686 4338
Sponsor(s):Macao Foundation

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