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Ark-Association of Macau Art Proudly Presents “Art Power Jamming – Embrace the Rainbow”


Ark-Association of Macau Art (the “AAMA”) takes great pleasure to present its 2022 art program entitled “Art Power Jamming – Embrace the Rainbow”. The program, which is sponsored by Macao Foundation, and supported by Creative Industries Promotion Association of St. Lazarus Church District and 10 Fantasia, will showcase six exhibitions presented by twelve Macau artists with different creative styles. The exhibitions will be running back to back from January 2022 until January 2023, taking place in room C03, 2nd floor at 10 Fantasia.

"After the haze comes the sunny day, and the rainbow always comes after the storm." The title of this exhibition series revolves around hope and recovery. Under the global pandemic situation, what happened to us? What should be thankful for us? What inspired us? What does it mean to Macau and the world? Life is like this, even if the predicament is daunting, it may be difficult to change. However, instead we can adjust our own mindsets with confidence and persistence, ignite hope, light the road ahead and also the connection among people to return our life to normal gradually. It seems like seeing the rainbow after the rain.

In this era of social distancing and isolation, people need solace from art and aesthetics. Art evokes the power of healing, and the spiritual essence of pursuing creation can better reflect the value of artistic creation. Creation gives birth to life and facilitate the prosperity of civilization. In this way, the value of art creator is not only the comforter, but also a facilitator and motivator.

These six exhibitions assemble twelve local art workers to demonstrate their creativity and give rise to hope after the pandemic. This program also promotes the spark among the artists, contributing to the exchange of ideas and creative experiences. The unique creation of each exhibitor will nourish the mind and soul of audience, as well as spreading the vitality and charm of art to everyone.

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About Carol Sam

Born in the 80s, Social Work Master graduate, full-time social work professional, passionate about incorporating art into social work and care for societal issues. Carol hosted “Green Life- Ecological Art Scheme” back in 2006, motivated teenagers to use artworks made by everyday thrown-away objects to highlight environmental changes, and to express their thoughts on future Macau. Carol participated in the filming and art design of the documentary “HERstory -Jeritan” in 2008.

Carol’s creative inspiration often comes from everyday life, touching moments and human sentiments. Hosted a duo exhibition- “Soft and Hard Conversations” in 2018; and hosted a solo exhibition – “The beginning is the end is the beginning” in 2021. Carol also participated in the ARK-AAMA annual member exhibitions during 2016 - 2021.

Carol has joined different Art Therapy courses in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, in hopes to embody the fluidity and healing nature of art with social work professionalism, helping others relieve everyday life pressure and explore their internal world.

About Celia Si

Born in the 80s in Fujian, China. She is a local graphic designer in Macau. She loves graphic design and likes to draw since she was a child, therefore, she chose to become a graphic designer and a drawing teacher. Si Meng Chu painting style is mostly a combination of bright colors and geometric patterns, mainly through the use of computer painting, and also through the use of watercolors, sketches, oil paintings to create the works of art. The theme is generally expressed with elements of joy and happiness, she hopes that it can bring a beautiful spiritual cleansing to the audiences and as well as to give an artistic color to each life.

In the recent years, she has opened a children's painting studio, and also works in art education, teaching and inspiring children's creative thinking in art, leading more children to embark on a joyful and rewarding art learning journey, and letting them to feel the benefits of art, in which comes with fun and varieties of learning. In addition, she also actively participates in the activities held with the Ark-Association of Macau Art , including the exhibitions of "Harmony" and "New Era", through the artistic exchange better self.

Organiser:Ark - Association of Macau Art
Co-organiser:Creative Industries Promotion Association of St. Lazarus Church District, 10 Fantasia
Date of Application:11:00-18:00 (closed on Mondays)
Venue of Application:10 Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro, Macao
Start Time of Event:14/05/2022
End Time of Event:09/07/2022
Sponsor(s):Macao Foundation

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